Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tyson, my cat

I have a pet cat who is called Tyson.
Two years ago when I lived in London, we decided to buy a cat. So one day we went to a rescue home to buy a cat. We chose him (many people make this mistake) because he was the only cat who would play with you, and besides, who wants a half-bald cat?
We brought him home and decided to let him sleep in my room. At first he was paranoid and hissed and scratched a lot but then he came to like us and often begs for a scratch be hind the ear. But still he is a hunter. He can hear a bug in the next room and catch it.
Tyson is a good cat (most of the time.)

P.S. I will not talk about animals as much from now on.


Mano said...

Nice one, Billy...I always thought that you said "That's awful!".

Now I know.

Mano G1WYM

Tyson said...

Good choice of a name! I share the same name!

Rolf said...


This is my sisters cat Zigge. His best friend is my pet Gunde:


Ashhar said...

hey billy, good to see you blog. i am a cat lover too. i haven't had a cat for some years though. here is a my favourite cat song (by my fav band) -

i am a great fan of your dad's weekly podcast too. have you learnt to play any bach?