Sunday, December 7, 2008

Odd animal facts

Today, I thought what cool animal facts do I know ( I don't know why
I thought that). So I did some research and came up with a collection
of facts. Here they are :
1. Bulls are color blind, so they do not respond to red; they respond to movement.
.2 A domestic cat can frighten a bear into a tree.
.3 Chickens can't swallow upside down.
.4 Emus cannot walk backwards.
.5 Iguanas can kill themselves spontaneously.
.6 Zebras can see well at night but can not see orange.
.7 A Poison arrow frog's poison can kill 2200 people.
.8 Caterpillars have 248 muscles in their head.

Those are a few. If you have any good facts post a comment. If they are really good, I will post them.
Thanks once again for your support.


Anonymous said...

Billy, thanks for the info about animals. I particularly am interested in the iguanas. How in the world do they do that?
Sam, k9oic

Kim said...

Like emus, kangaroos can't walk backwards either.

Robin said...

Hello Billy,

I like butterflies and have a garden just for them. The Zebra Longwing butterfly is the only one that eats pollen as well as drink nectar. Because of this they live as long as six months, much longer than other species. It's other name is Heliconius Charitonius. Nice blog!

Robin, AF1RE.

John G8SEQ said...

All spiders are poisonous, fortunately not many can bite humans.

chiara e gaia said...

Hi Billy,
last summer in Yellowstone park we saw a black bear that was eating a flower.Very sweet! But we didn't know that bears like flowers!
Moreover 2 summer ago in Croatian Chiara found a starfish in the sea. While she was taking it the starfish "kissed" her hand!!!!!
Love animals!
Chiara and Gaia

Anonymous said...

Hi Billy.

Do you know something about "Genetics Designed Pets"?, please chek this link and tell us your opinion.


Uncle Junior from Santo Domingo

Mike, AA1TJ said...

Greetings from snowy Vermont, Billy!

I enjoyed your animal facts. I also recently learned that Polar Bears have black skin and they supposedly don't drink water.

My weirdest animal story happened while I was working at the computer late one evening at work. I felt a tickle on my ankle, but when I absent-mindedly reached down to scratch it, something started running up my pants leg! That's when I invented a radically new dance step. It seemed like forever, but a Shrew finally fell out of my pants. Man, they're fast! :o)

Felice Nuovo Anno,