Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Popular Science magazine

Popular Science Magazine (also known as Pop Sci) is by far one of my favorite reads. If you like electronics, like me, this magazine is perfect for you. It includes the stuff behind the newest technology, crazy construction plans, things to do and make and much more.
Funny thing, the other day me and my friend were reading the magazine on the bus and one of our classmates said, "You are reading a science magazine? That's weird!" Too bad, she will never know how long it would take to walk a light-year.
Pop Sci is a great magazine and I recommend it to anyone who wants to know the answer to the question above.

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KD5NJR said...

I used to read PopSci, Popular Mechanics and Discover all the time from when I was a kid through college. My Mom would save them up for me and I'd read them on Christmas Break and over the summers.

You might also like Air & Space Smithsonian or CQ VHF.

73 Billy.

Scott (KD5NJR)

A cool blog........For cool people said...

Hi Billy (william)

Cool magazine, where did you get it?
Your blog is very cool and i will try to tell some friends that they have to go see your blog.

See you at school

Patrick KF4LMZ said...

Hi Billy,

Great Blog!

Keep reading Popular Science and other science/technology books and magazines. Ask your dad to share his QST's with you.

I look forward to your new blog entries.