Sunday, November 30, 2008


One day, I thought it would be cool to have a website, or blog.
So I got on the computer and the next thing I knew I had a blog. On this blog I will talk about stuff I find interesting, and I will update it every week.
I hope you enjoy this blog and don't forget comments are very welcome.

The writer


Aunt Maura said...

I have a feeling your Dad was a very tiny part of your inspiration. I love the frog and was slightly zoned out by the sting-ray. Thanks, I didn't want to do that laundry anyway !!!!

Billy said...

thanks aunt maura,
I liked reading your comment a that you saw my blog.

P.S. yes my dad was a bit of my inspiration.

Caroline Moore said...

Hi Billy, It's me Caroline. Alex told me you made A blog and I thought that was pretty cool. I live In Hong Kong now and My teacher has a blog too. My email is
You can check out my video's if you go to and you click on Dragon media. You will find my video on one of the pages. (It's pretty embarrassing though!) -Caroline the great.

Caroline Moore said...

How is Rome?