Sunday, November 30, 2008


This blog is just getting started so I need Ideas and fast. feel free to send me an email. Tricks to using blogger are also quite important. Remember
you can help the blog as much as I can.


Elisa said...

Hola Billy,

Maybe you could write about favorite books or post interesting articles. I love your blog!


Margaret said...

Hi Billy,
I think it's fantastic that you have your own blog.

From my perspective I would love to read about any advice you have for younger kids, particularly kids like Luke.

For example Luke is having a problem now with a classmate at school. Luke wasn't able to go to the classmate's birthday party (because we were away) and later the classmate told Luke that he should buy him a present of 6 Gormitis to make it up. Luke said yes to the boy, but later I told Luke that we wouldn't be able to do that. The classmate now asks Luke for his presents every day. Luke feels guilty and worried and doesn't know how to handle it. Do you have advice for kids in that kind of situation?

Good luck with your blog!


Billy said...

Dear Margret,
I appreciate you asking me about this.
my opinion is that Luke should tell his friend he cannot get him a present and that he will give him a present next year.
If all else fails ask the parent of this child about this subject.

the blogger


AMOROMA said...

Hi Billy,
It is great to see that you have begun a blog! You can consider including a link to our class blog "On the Corner" is a way similar to the link we have for our friends at the Dalton School.

I also like the idea of writing about your favorite books. On my personal blog I write about a book every Monday.

Mr. Litman

My personal blog is

Aine said...

Hi billy
you have your own blog cool!!!
you could talk about your hobbies or talk about things that interest you
From Aine

Jasmine said...

Dear Billy
This is wonderful. Michael wants to know how you 'made a blog'. He also asks for some jokes.

I am going to forward this to your friends at Southbank.


Alex C. N. said...

Hello Billy.
Maybe you can write down what is going on so that your friends in London can know what you are doing in Rome?

from Alex.

evan said...

Hi Billy,

I think the blog is a great idea. It is a good way to communicate and share your experiences with us. Looking forward to reading more all the way on this side of the world -- Asia!!!

Billy said...

Hey even ! cool that you saw my blog
from Asia!!! you are the first one there that saw my blog. It would be cool if you gave me your email.